Hydration is key for a healthy and efficient body

Zana Mills

Hydration is key for a healthy and efficient body. Keeping your body well hydrated will give you better focus and more energy to see you through the busy times, including this silly season.


Your body is made up of 50-75% water and can last for weeks without food but only days without water. If you normally only drink water when you feel thirsty, then you are more than likely not drinking enough. The amount each body requires is specific to your size and physical output throughout the day but it is essential for our bodies and typically something we do not get enough of.


One of the reasons for this is people either do not enjoy the taste of water to start with or they get bored of it as the day goes on. And that is where infusing your water comes into play. Adding fruit, herbs or vegetables to your water allows you to design your own flavour to something that appeals to you which in turn results in consuming more water. A drink bottle such as Simply Infused infusers bottles makes it easy to infuse your water and enjoy it all day long.


The benefits of correct hydration on the body are huge. It helps to move oxygen and nutrients around your body and naturally flushes toxins. Your skin will be clearer, plumper and more elastic. Your joints will have more lubrication resulting in less strain and you may even have more energy in your muscles which creates more energy for physical activity. To help increase your fluid intake sip on infused water throughout the day. This is made easier by always having water nearby and a infuser travel bottle helps to make this possible in the car or on the move.

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